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Its national pet dental month! At Stokewood Vets we are passionate about promoting good dental hygiene for all our patients to keep them smiling! All too often we see pets come into the practice that are in need of having their mouths cleaned under general anaesthetic. Because of this we are excited to let our clients know that during the months of February and March we are offering £30 OFF dental scale and polish procedures. Why do we recommend dentals? The purpose of a dental scale and polish is to remove calculus/tartar from the teeth. We recommend this

Did you know that our team of highly skilled qualified veterinary nurses are available to offer help and advice on all aspects of pet care, from practical puppy socialisation through to caring for a pet with a medical condition such as diabetes or arthritis?

What are allergies? When a normally harmless substance (which for most animals poses no problem) is identified by the allergic animal as a ‘threat’, their immune system produces an inappropriate response, resulting in the symptoms that we see.

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