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Stokewood Vets is awarded internationally-recognised  as a Cat Friendly Clinic. We have achieved accreditation as a  Silver Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC), and we aiming to achieve the Gold accreditation in the next few months. The CFC programme has been developed by the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of the leading feline charity International Cat Care.It aims to promote well-being and high standards of care for all cats visiting or being hospitalised in a veterinary clinic.Under the programme, a clinic has to prove rigorous adherence to a set of criteria which

Did you know that our team of highly skilled qualified veterinary nurses are available to offer help and advice on all aspects of pet care, from practical puppy socialisation through to caring for a pet with a medical condition such as diabetes or arthritis?

What are allergies? When a normally harmless substance (which for most animals poses no problem) is identified by the allergic animal as a ‘threat’, their immune system produces an inappropriate response, resulting in the symptoms that we see.

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