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Did you know that our team of highly skilled qualified veterinary nurses are available to offer help and advice on all aspects of pet care, from practical puppy socialisation through to caring for a pet with a medical condition such as diabetes or arthritis? They all share a genuine love of animals and enjoy looking after your pets every step of the way, applying their extensive skills and experience to provide round the clock compassionate care to each and very patient. A consultation with a veterinary surgeon is, of course,

WHAT ARE ALLERGIES?When a normally harmless substance (which for most animals poses no problem) is identified by the allergic animal as a ‘threat’, their immune system produces an inappropriate response, resulting in the symptoms that we see.These substances, known as allergens, can enter the body by being inhaled, eaten or absorbed through the skin.SOME THINGS YOUR PET MAY BE ALLERGIC TO: FOOD ALLERGENS Red meat Poultry Game Fish Cereals Cows’ milk Eggs INDOOR ALLERGENS Storage mites House dust mites Dander Moulds Fleas OUTDOOR ALLERGENS Grasses Weeds Trees Shrubs Insects SYMPTOMS OF ALLERGY SKIN itchy, irritated, spotty (over-grooming for cats) EARS hot, sore, itchy PAWS persistent licking, chewing, nibbling TUMMY loose motions, weight loss BREATHING coughing, wheezing, struggling to breathe (especially cats) THE ALLERGY

Just like you, your pet needs to maintain healthy teeth and gums. But unlike you, they cannot do this by themselves! With dental diseases extremely common in pets, by the age of 5 a lot of them will need dental treatment. Primarily caused by a combination of dietary and genetic factors, thankfully, there are things you can do to help. Pet dental care is an extremely important part of your furry friend’s health. Dental disease is a very common problem in dogs and cats. It is estimated that close to 80%

If you are planning to buy a pet dog or cat, it is important that you make some basic but important checks. Contents Guidelines to follow when buying a cat or dog Trade in illegally imported cats and dogs Do not buy a cat or dog from unknown sources – It’s important that you know where it comes from and where it was born. Be particularly careful when buying dogs or cats advertised on the internet or through local media such as a newspaper. Illegally imported dogs and cats may not only carry

Brrr! Whether it’s cold and dry where you are or you’re completely snowed in, be sure to keep your pets happy and healthy.After a walk, dry your dog with a warm towel and, especially if they’ve been walking awhile on cold ground, pay close attention to their footpads. Watch out for small snowballs and granules of road salt/grit as both can cause pain if they’re lodged beneath your pet’s feet for a long time.Consider feeding dogs and cats a larger portion of food as when they’re cold, they’ll

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