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About Us

For over 38 years, our veterinary centre has been committed to providing owners with the best veterinary medical care for their pets. We are proud to say continuity of care is one of the hallmarks of our practices. This allows for good relationship with our clients and greater continuity of care both within and outside normal working hours.Having a trusted relationship with your veterinary surgeon can positively impact the health of your pet leading to better communication and shared decision-making.

The Stokewood  Veterinary Clinic was acquired by CVS (UK) Limited in January 2023 and now operates as part of this larger group of veterinary practices and veterinary service providers.

Client satisfaction

A modern facility with advanced procedures spearheaded by 'supervet' who offer hope and skills within the Bournemouth area.

Mrs Quins

Always really friendly staff who clearly care a lot about the animals and the owners! They couldn't have been more helpful whenever my pet has been unwell or in an accident, treating them as if they were their own pet.

Mrs Hall

I can t recommend Stokewood Vets enough - the team are friendly and welcoming and there is no doubt at all that they have your pets best interests at heart - I love that they are an independent practice and not a corporate with targets to meet and a revolving door of vets - it's great that you know who you are going to be seeing and that your vet knows your pet - They are super compassionate and knowledgeable and they have have always fitted us in, quick appointments and you never feel rushed or ignored.

Mr Lambert

Phenomenal amazing caring staff. Couldn't and wouldn't go anywhere else. Been coming here for 27 years as I know they love my fur babies as much as i do. They go above and beyond their duties not only for the animals but for the carers too.

Mrs Lee

Meet our wonderful team

Our veterinary surgeons have undertaken advanced training and are able to treat more complicated cases. They are happy to receive referrals in areas such as internal medicine, cardiology, orthopaedic, and soft tissue surgery. We invest heavily in the ongoing training of all our staff, meaning you can rest assured that your pet will be in good hands.

Rosanna has a passion for veterinary education and has obtained post graduate certificates in surgery and dermatology.

From the age of two Rosanna knew beyond any doubt that she wanted to be a vet. The local doctor gave her a stethoscope and she began examining  the local animals. Her childhood home was always packed with pets as her family bred puppies for  charities ( eg  Guide Dogs, Blind association, Puppy walking )

Rossana  has more than 30 years of experience in the veterinary profession and we are very lucky to have her share her expertise at Stokewood Vets . This means that our  clients can benefit from more veterinary expertise!

Rosanna designs and sews her own scrubs for surgeries.

When not working she enjoys walking miles with her beloved Collie. In her spare time Rossana loves cycling and swimming , but most of all she loves her dog  and.. her children and husband !


Head Nurse
Megan gained her Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing in 2018.

She has since worked in small animal clinics and visited Africa to volunteer at an animal sanctuary. Her favourite memories of this trip is injecting Rhinos, walking with Cheetahs and monitoring a Baboon anaesthetic!

At work, Megan is particularly interested in the surgical field and is looking forward to expanding on her skills in this area. Megan also become a mentor to student nurses on placement from the College of Animal Welfare. This role involves giving tutorials to develop practical skills and providing support to the students during their time on here .

In her spare time she enjoys creating art and going on dog walks with friends and family.

Megan is the proud owner of a beautiful main coon cat.


Veterinary Care Assistant

Beth has  always loved and wanted to work with animals, she studied Fdsc Animal Management and applied science in 2021 and BSc Animal Behaviour in 2023.

Her  dream job is to become a veterinary nurse, and she has  a huge passion for animal welfare.

  • Enjoy meeting up with friends and family, doing puzzles, and going on walks.
  • Rescued Lacey (the cat in the photo) from a rescue centre as a kitten when volunteering, she’s a family cat but would love pets of my own when I have a house.



Amber’s first love for animals began at six years old when going for her first horse riding lesson. She went on to ride out and worked for professionals in the evenings and horse racing industry. Amber has achieved a Bachelors and Honours degree in Bsc Racehorse Performance and Rehabilitation and soon will be a Master of Msc Animal Welfare, Policy and Legislation from Hartpury University.

Amber decided to span out in to small animal practice after adopting her Caucasian Shepherd, Xena from Northern Macedonia in 2020 . Amber’s hopes are to become a veterinary nurse and one day travel to Northern Macedonia to treat animals just like how Xena was found. When not working, Amber is out walking with her dog, making candles, reading yet another book or booking another skydive


Nicky  moved  in 2022 to this lovely part of the country  leaving the hustle and bustle of a busy town. In her  spare time she enjoys  the long walks on the beach and meeting different people.
Nicola loves travelling to different parts of the world which she’s so pleased we can do again.
Although she doesn’t has  any pets of her  own , she is taking  great pleasure in looking after those who come into  our practice.



Stephanie  is our Practice Administrator and  has been with us for over 2 years . She always greets everyone with a warm smile and a treat!

Stephanie has many years of Veterinary Experience covering Reception and Admin

Stephanie is happiest interacting with you and your pet when you visit the Practice.
Stephanie enjoys travel and has helped out at various rescue centres including India and Egypt.
She has had many pets over the years and now has a very sweet 8 year old Shih Tzu called Saffy.

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Our friendly, helpful staff are available throughout the day, ready to offer advice and information on all manner of topics related to your pet. We have a strong ethos of going above and beyond for the welfare of people’s animals.

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