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Why Choose Us?

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There are two basic models when it comes to veterinary practices:

  1.                                                a)   Independent/ Self-owned
  2.                                                b)   Corporate or Chain practices.
  • In recent years, the UK has seen a progressive shift towards clinics being sold to corporates. A ‘corporate’ is a clinic or group of clinics owned and run as a corporation, with multiple sites located across the entire UK. In Bournemouth  and the surrounding area, this type of corporate practice is now the norm. Even practices that are marketed as providing independent veterinary services or run as a non-profit making models, follow this non-traditional format.

These corporations consist of a board of directors, often a very large number of shareholders, location managers and appointed vets in assigned surgeries. When it comes to making decisions on the best course of treatment for your pet, some corporations are governed by pre-defined, rigid policies and procedures. By the nature of their business model, our understanding is that some corporate vets are influenced by measures on set parameters, one of these being shareholder profit. In some rare instances this may mean that business targets impact on care decisions such as quality of medication or standard of operating procedures. This type of corporate structure may also impact on the speed at which your pet is treated. Within some of these types of clinic structures, certain veterinary decisions may require permissions from head office – delaying your pet’s treatment.

  • Self run, family-style, independent practices, such as here at Stokewood Vets, usually have a  low staff turnover based on the excellent culture, environment and feeling of belonging that exists

We can provide a high level of “continuity of care” and you can see the same familiar faces, who know your pets treatment history, every time you visit.

Similarly, as the pet owner, you’re likely to form a one-to-one trusted relationship over time with an individual vet.

We’re an independent, expertly managed and regulated team who are passionate about delivering the very best veterinary care possible. We never cut corners and will always take the correct course of action based on the needs of our patients and your wishes

Our teams take a proactive, rather than a reactive approach, taking pride and putting love into everything we do. We are not satisfied unless we know we are giving everything to our patients

If you are looking for veterinary care with a personal approach as described above, then you may wish to look for a self-owned practice. They can be difficult to find, but we are out there and we are worth finding!

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